Run the Storm: A savage hurricane, a brave crew
and the wreck of the SS El Faro

In the bestselling tradition of The Finest Hours, A Night to Remember and Titanic, here is a harrowing and true account of the mysterious disappearance of the SS El Faro, a giant American cargo ship running between Florida and Puerto Rico, that sank in 2015 so suddenly she didn't even have time to send a Mayday--and taking with her 33 lives. (from the jacket copy)

"Fans of The Perfect Storm and Into Thin Air will love this exquisitely written and dramatic book--an action story that doesn't quit."

--DOUG STANTON, author of Horse Soldiers
and  In Harm's Way

A paperback edition of Run the Storm, featuring all-new update chapter, will be published Aug. 6, 2019: see NEWS page



George Michelsen Foy is an award-winning author and essayist.


Run the Storm: A unique seagoing drama