George Michelsen Foy is a novelist and non-fiction writer whose books, essays and articles have been published by Viking, Scribner's, University Press of New England, Bantam/Doubleday, Harper's,  and 
Rolling Stone, among others. His latest non-fiction book has come out and is available at your local independent bookstore: you can also order Finding North here 

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Finding North: 
How Navigation Makes Us Human 

a non-fiction book
by GM Foy, was  
recently published by 
Flatiron Books /
Macmillan U.S.  
(Summer 2016) 
 Finding North interview w. Sam Champion on Weather Channel ; interview  with GMF on Clocktower Radio; reviews in Outside Magazine, Publishers Weekly, WSJ, etc. 
Wharf Jérémie, Haïti: sailing coaster Messager de Dieu loads cargo. No GPS, no compass for navigation
"Foy is a storyteller who, like Conrad, can compress into a tale you can't put down all the complexities of a time and place."
Doris Lessing, winner of the Nobel Prize 
for LIterature, 2006
CORRECTION to FINDING NORTH: due to a transposition error during the editorial process (the relevant phrase was originally formatted mathematically), on p. 49, 2nd paragraph, 'divided' was inserted instead of 'multiplied'; it should of course read 'multiplied'. This error, which was copied in two other paragraphs, pp. 135 and 142, will be fixed in all second print editions, and is corrected in current e-book editions.