"Foy has written the perfect antidote for our increasingly noisy age. Zero 
Decibels is meditative, witty, lyrical, and fascinating. Every page is a 
revelation."—Alan Burdick, author of Out of Eden: 
An Odyssey of Ecological Invasion

That a writer such as George Michelsen Foy should apply his immense 
brain power and obsessive investigative skills to stalking this intriguing 
prey [silence] is a surprise and a pure delight. The result is a lively, elegantly written examination of nothing no less than our existence, as it pours into, and out of, our humble ears. The art and science of hearing has found its poet laureate.
—Bob Shacochis,  author of Easy in the Islands and The Immaculate Invasion

A compelling, lyrical exploration of an increasingly rare and elusive place: silence. Foy employs every means that modernity offers both to measure the pervasiveness and power of noise in modern life and to escape it. The results of his journey offer us not just a deeper appreciation of silence but, more surprisingly, of sound."—Charles Siebert, author of The Wauchula Woods Accord                                              
praise for Zero Decibels

advance praise for Finding North
Finding North takes readers on a journey around the world and deep into
 the nature of how humans find their way around. It's a voyage that is both
 personal and expansive, exploring how navigation works and its meaning 
in people's lives.” —Andrew Johnston, author of Time and Navigation 
and Earth from Space

“With engaging and personal prose, George Michelsen Foy explores the 
history, natural history, and—most critically—the vital importance for us today
 of navigation. In an age when we too often rely on technology to tell us where we are and where we're going, Foy's compelling story asks at what cost? What do we lose when we allow our skills of navigation—earned through centuries of finding our way in a wild and sometimes foreboding world—to fade? As we careen further into a century of global change, Foy shows how in a world of 'mystery and fear, and the near certainty of loss,' we will need these skills of navigation more than ever. —Paul Bogard, author of The End of Night

“George Foy frames his story of the history and practice of navigation with a hazardous personal sea voyage in a ship that might not be in good enough repair to make the trip. It's a wonderful device which he also uses to chart a difficult navigational path through his inner world—his seafaring ancestors; the tragic loss of his brother; his family; and his fears. And all of this is delivered in sensible, warm, and intelligent prose. Voyagers of all kinds will cherish this book?.” —Paul Raeburn, author of MarsThe Game Theorist's Guide to Parenting, and Do Fathers Matter?